Composer and pianist Beth Karp completed a Master of Music Degree in Composition at the Longy School of Music in 2009, where she studied composition with John Morrison and Paul Brust. At Longy she was a recipient of the Nadia and Lily Boulanger scholarship and a departmental assistantship in music theory. She holds a BA in Music from Cornell University, where she studied piano with Blaise Bryski and composition with Steven Stucky and Roberto Sierra.

Active in many musical realms, she has served as a conductor, singer, accompanist, and pianist in jazz, chamber, and new music ensembles. Her work for orchestra, “The Phoenix Cycle”, won the Longy Chamber Orchestra Composition Competition and was premiered in May 2009. She has been studying the Taubman approach to piano playing for three years under Yoriko Fieleke and Deborah Cleaver. She currently teaches composition, piano, and music theory at Portland Community College; accompanies classes and performances at the Northwest Childrens Theater; serves as the pianist for Bridgeport United Church of Christ; and teaches piano to students of all ages at the Multnomah Arts Center and the Music Studio on Harrison Hill.