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COVID-19 UPDATE AMF Vocal Institute will return to our normal in-person program in 2022. Meanwhile, please check out our Vocal Institute Online to participate as a singer in 2021.
The pre-college voice program is a summer intensive for singers between 13 and 17. Rooted in AMF’s core values of originality, independence, and innovation, the pre-college voice program seeks to nurture and empower young singers by providing them with essential skills, knowledge, and experiences to grow as performers and prepare for college-level training in vocal performance.

During each two-week session of the program, participants gain valuable experience through weekly lessons, coachings, seminars, and masterclasses. Participants have additional collaborative opportunities, including small and large ensembles. Students may choose to attend more than one session and each two-week program will be tailored to the students’ needs within the context of the festival’s unique offerings during that session.

The program leverages groundbreaking courses offered by our collegiate level Vocal Institute and provides additional fundamentals courses essential for pre-college aged participants, including theory and ear training. All singers take part in AMF Chorus, which collaborates in performance with the AMF Orchestra.

Each two-week session culminates with onstage performances of diverse repertoire including art song, chorus, and lyric theatre scenes, allowing singers to gain valuable insights into many areas of concern, including vocal technique, diction, interpretation, acting, and stage movement. Additional performance opportunities are available throughout the festival season.

The program is essential for those preparing for conservatory auditions. Our Audition Intensive program (available to all students at their request) provides additional training and guidance, while AMF's audition engineering team offers high definition video and audio recordings of all performances.

Program Highlights

  • Receive weekly private lessons from our celebrated artist-faculty members

  • Participate in our weekly seminars and masterclasses

  • Opportunities for performances including solo, chamber music, orchestra, opera, musical theatre scenes, and productions

  • Participate in AMF Chorus

  • Take advantage of collegiate level seminars and masterclasses offered by the AMF Institute

  • Our programs are modular and allow students the flexibility to choose from our various course offerings

  • Attend open rehearsals and concerts scheduled throughout the season

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Karen Brunssen

Northwestern Bienen School of Music

Mark Crayton

Roosevelt University

JR Fralick

Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music

Caroline Helton

University of Michigan

Stephen Lancaster

University of Notre Dame

Susan McDaniel

University of Portland

Jessica McCormack

Phillips Academy

Shane McFadden

Roosevelt University

Nic Muni

A.J. Fletcher Opera Institute

Beth Roberts

Mannes School of Music

Christian Sebek

Concordia Conservatory

Jeremiah Selvey

Santa Monica College

Arlene Shrut

UNCG School of Music

* We are in the process of finalizing our Artist-faculty roster. This list may change without notice.

Program Electives

In addition to the core program, participants may take advantage of the following electives available during the festival season.
Audition Intensive Image

Audition Intensive

Audition Intensive is a special program designed for students preparing for an upcoming audition at a conservatory or a musical institution.

The goal of the program is to help participants channel their focus during the festival in order to create a successful audition portfolio during and after the festival season.

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Digital Audition Package Image

Digital Audition Package Production (Full-Session)

Full-session students may take part in the creation of a digital audition package.

To be eligible, the student must also complete the Audition Intensive elective and plan with an advisor in preparation for a successful recording session.

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AMF Choir Image

Festival Choir

The Atlantic Music Festival Choir is a special place where participants from all backgrounds are welcome to join in and come together as one to create a beautiful choral landscape. The choir takes on a range of repertoire, covering great choral works of the past as well as groundbreaking new works.

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Audition Requirements

Those interested should complete the online application and upload the following material via our online application site.

  • Submit audio or video recordings of two to three songs or arias. Submission should include works sung in at least two different languages (e.g., one song in Italian and one in English).

  • Recommendations are optional.

Please see Application Procedures for detailed instructions. If you would like to inquire further about the program, please contact us.

Vocal Institute at AMF nurtures gifted singers with unparalleled experiences to grow as performers in preparation for a career in the performing arts.

Transformative Summer Experience

Atlantic Music Festival continues to be one of the most inspiring summer music festivals in the nation

AMF Institute provides a transformative musical experience for musicians from all around the world. Each year, the festival committee invites over two hundred musicians specializing in composition, conducting, orchestral instruments, piano, and voice, based on their talent and potential to make a difference in this world.

Learn By Doing

Performance is the primary source of learning

Whether you are playing in chamber music groups, orchestra, or one of our opera productions, active participation through performance is at the center of learning at AMF. Moreover, participants have access to concerts featuring artists and ensembles-in-residence, so you can witness world-class performances throughout the festival season.

Life-changing Mentorship

Our mentors can provide a turning-point no matter where you are in your artist's journey

Not everyone goes through the same set of challenges. Meeting the right mentor at the right moment can leave you with a lifetime of inspiration or a watershed moment to help you make crucial decisions. Speak with them during private lessons, seminars, and audition intensive courses or feast with them at our communal tables.

Carefree Environment

Focus on what matters

All participants live on a beautiful, secure, and wifi-connected campus, which houses dorms, state-of-the-art facilities, libraries, and scenic hiking trails. Enjoy all three meals at one of our all-inclusive dining halls, walk through the Museum of Art's 10,000 art collections, or take a plunge at a 25-yard by 25-meter swimming pool at the Athletic Center.

Alumni Network

Join a network of past, present, and future

Our alumni occupy key positions within major institutions, young artist programs, festivals, orchestras, and opera houses around the world. Join a network of peers who will encourage you to grow and provide support throughout your life's journey.

All-Access Learning

Access courses outside your primary area of focus

Our online master calendar makes it easy to audit open courses from any of our programs, even outside your discipline. From topics as interdisciplinary as music business and audition technique to screen scoring and baroque interpretation, learning opportunities are everywhere.

Summer 2021 Season


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