AMF Visionary Fellowship & Grant

    All Musicians
    Fellowship Program
    Full-Session: 06/27 – 07/24/2016
Important notice: the details of our 2016 programs will be finalized shortly. Please stay tuned for program updates and submission information.


From its inception, the Atlantic Music Festival not only drew extraordinary talent, but attracted musicians with the vision to empower the world through their music. Under the banner of Leonard Bernstein’s quote, “this will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before,” the festival established a tradition of offering all its concerts completely free of charge as a gift to the community.

In 2012, the festival launched its I AM Four Years Old campaign with the goal of extending the festival’s vision of serving the community not only through free concerts, but also through the donation of 100% of its concert proceeds. The campaigned served as a pledge to sustain a public reaffirmation of its core values as the festival continues to grow in the coming years. Through the donation, the festival both cultivates an awareness of its musicians’ place within their respective communities and explores the musicians’ “reply,” whether it be to violence, social injustice, lack of clean water, or illnesses.

In continuing this tradition, we are proud to announce AMF AMF Visionary Fellowship & Grant. Through this program, we seek to discover and empower individual musicians who possess extraordinary dedication to serving their community.

The program is divided into two components: AMF Visionary Fellowship and AMF Visionary Grant.

AMF Visionary Fellowship

All AMF Visionary Fellowship recipients will be awarded complete financial coverage of tuition, housing, and meals during the four weeks of residency.

The fellowship’s purpose is to offer individuals opportunity to fine-tune their vision using Atlantic Music Festival as the backdrop with the goal of launching the final project at their respective communities.

AMF Visionary Grant

At the end of the festival season, a successful project will be chosen to receive proceeds from AMF 2015’s I AM Four Years Old campaign. This grant is earmarked for funding the launch of the project at the recipient’s local community.

  • We are unable to predict the amount of proceeds to be received from I AM Four Years Old campaign as it varies from year to year, however, if the proceed’s total amount is less than $2000, the Atlantic Music Festival will supplement the difference to ensure that the minimum amount is $2000.

  • Atlantic Music Festival reserves the right not to award the grant if no project is deemed worthy of the grant. More than one project may be chosen to receive partial funding.

  • Each project will be evaluated and given funding based on need. The maximum amount an individual project can be awarded is $10,000. Any extra proceeds will be set aside for future AMF Visionary Fellowship projects.

Program Details

  • The AMF Visionary Fellowship is available to all musicians including non-classical musicians. All AMF Visionary Fellowship recipient receive complete financial coverage of tuition, housing, and meals during the four weeks of residency.

  • AMF Visionary Fellows will have opportunity to perform and collaborate with other musicinas at the festival. However, if involvement in the AMF Visionary Fellowship is not your primary choice, we encourage you to submit your application to other available programs such as the Resident Artist Fellowship. The Audition Committee is seeking musicians with serious dedication to community projects.

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years old in order to be considered for the grant.

  • As of this year, all application forms have been consolidated. Applicants no longer need to submit separate applications to the AMF Visionary Fellowship or other fellowship and/or student programs such as the Piano Institute and Seminar or the Opera Workshop.

  • During the festival season, fellows are expected to contribute up to 4 hours per week in assisting with the festival’s operation.

"Through its AMF Visionary Fellowship & Grant, the festival seeks to not only cultivate an awareness of its musicians’ place within their respective communities but explore the musicians’ 'reply,' whether it be to violence, social injustice, lack of clean water, or illnesses."

Audition Requirements

Those interested should complete the online application and upload the following material via our online application site.

  • A statement or an essay demonstrating your qualifications to the program.

  • A proposal of community project to be launched at the Atlantic Music Festival.

  • Instrumentalists and conductors: Submit audio or video recordings of three contrasting works. It is possible to submit movements of works. Applicants must demonstrate strong performance abilities in the work samples submitted.

  • Composers: Submit two most recent works. Attach scores and recordings (if available).

Please see Application Procedures for detailed instructions. If you would like to inquire further about the program, please contact us.