Instrumental Program

    Resident Artist Fellowship and Student Programs
    6–Week Sessions
    06/29 – 08/09/2020
    4–Week Sessions
    06/29 – 07/26/2020
    07/13 – 08/09/2020
    2–Week Sessions
    06/29 – 07/12/2020
    07/13 – 07/26/2020
    07/27 – 08/09/2020


Atlantic Music Festival Instrumental provides an immersive six-week summer experience filled with music-making at the highest level. Through a combination of lessons, master classes, and performances, participants learn from world-renowned faculty members and collaborate with exceptional peers.

Participants have access to core seminars offered by the AMF Institute, including Future Music Lab seminars. The festival provides an abundant collaborative ecosystem where students are encouraged to learn in partnership with Piano Institute, Collaborative Piano Program, Composition Program, and Vocal Institute.


Private Instructions

Receive private instructions from Atlantic Music Festival’s faculty members at least once a week

Seminars and Master Classes

Take part in master classes and performance seminars throughout the festival season.

Performance Opportunities

Numerous performance opportunities are available including recitals, chamber music concerts, as well as collaborative performance opportunities with other departments, including Vocal Institute, Composition Program. Select students may participate in AMF Orchestra through the audition process.

Access AMF Seminars and Courses

Participants have access to all AMF core seminars and master classes including our renowned Future Music Lab core seminars.

Program Electives

In addition to the core program, participants may take advantage of the following electives available during the festival season.
Audition Intensive Image

Audition Intensive (Full-Session)

Audition Intensive is a special program designed for students preparing for an upcoming audition at a conservatory or a musical institution.

The goal of the program is to help participants channel their focus during the festival in order to create a successful audition portfolio during and after the festival season.

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Chamber Music Image

Chamber Music at AMF

Chamber Music at AMF continues to provide a unique opportunity for musicians to grow and make friends in an intimate and collaborative setting. Over the years, many permanent chamber music groups arose out of this effort which are still in existence today.

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AMF Orchestra Image

Atlantic Music Festival Orchestra

The Atlantic Music Festival Orchestra provides a unique training ground for musicians with performances of repertoire ranging from traditional to modern music.

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Contemporary Performance at AMF

The Atlantic Music Festival has established its legacy as a breeding ground for groundbreaking new works, with over 400 original works premiered since its inception.

Participants are encouraged to take part in our core mission of supporting the living composers and their music through active collaboration and performance.

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AMF Choir Image

Festival Choir

The Atlantic Music Festival Choir is a special place where participants from all backgrounds are welcome to join in and come together as one to create a beautiful choral landscape. The choir takes on a range of repertoire, covering great choral works of the past as well as groundbreaking new works.

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Audition Requirements

Those interested should complete the online application and upload the following material via our online application site.

  • Submit audio or video recordings of three contrasting works. It is highly recommended that you submit at least one work written during or after the twentieth century. It is possible to submit movements of works. Selections must represent your current level of musicianship.

  • Recommendations are optional.

  • Submit audio or video recordings of two to three contrasting works. It is possible to submit movements of works. Selections must represent your current level of musicianship.

  • Recommendations are optional.

Please see Application Procedures for detailed instructions. If you would like to inquire further about the program, please contact us.

Resident Artist Fellowship

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Contemporary Ensemble Fellowship

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Future Music Lab

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Application Deadlines

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