Opera Workshop

at AMF Vocal Institute
    Fellowship and Student Programs
    Full-Session: 07/01 – 07/29/2018
    Session One: 07/01 – 07/15/2018
    Session Two: 07/16 – 07/29/2018
Important notice: the details of our 2018 programs will be finalized shortly. Please stay tuned for program updates and submission information.


The Opera Workshop at AMF Vocal Institute was established with the express purpose of identifying and nurturing gifted singers for careers in the professional world of opera.

With performance at the center of learning at AMF, singers have unprecedented access to opportunities including opera, art song, chamber music, modern music, and salon series performances throughout the festival season.

The program is designed as an intensive four-week course engaging singers daily with performance seminars, master classes, individual coachings, stage craft, movement, and diction classes.


Opera Scenes

Through its emphasis on the study and performance of Opera Scenes, the Vocal Institute provides unprecedented opportunities for singers to have direct experience in some of the most critical Opera roles of our times.

Performance Opportunities

In addition to daily performance seminars, the Vocal Institute hosts art song, aria, chamber music, and opera scene performances offering singers opportunities to perform for live audience throughout the festival season.

Vocal Coachings and Seminars

Exposure to vocal and dramatic presentation is an essential component of the program. AMF artist-faculty members engage singers in intensive coachings and rehearsals throughout the festival season in preparation of performances, auditions, competitions, and recordings.

Digital Package Production

The modern technology enables every singers to create a powerful professional online portfolio with readily available devices. Yet, mastering this skill remains intimidating for many. One of the main goals of the program is to give every singers the ammunition to produce or strengthen their online digital package.

Audition Techniques

As unfair as the auditioning process seems, it is still the vehicle of choice to further singers’ careers. Mastering this skill is an unavoidable path to success. AMF’s faculty is uniquely positioned to equip singers with tools to improve audition preparation.

Language and Diction

A contemporary singer is expected to be at ease with European languages including English, German, French and Italian. Russian, with its treasure-trove of art songs and opera repertoire still remains an intimidating language to many. In addition to instructions in core languages, AMF provides access to classes and coachings in Russian with the help of Russian language expert Dr. Anton Belov.

Collaborate with AMF Musicians

AMF instrumentalists, composers, and conductors frequently collaborate with singers in opera and chamber music performances throughout the festival season.



* We are in the process of finalizing our 2018 Artist-faculty roster. This list may change without notice.

"AMF Vocal Institute was established with the express purpose of identifying and nurturing gifted singers for careers in the professional world of opera."

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Audition Requirements

Those interested should complete the online application and upload the following material via our online application site.

  • Submit audio or video recordings of one operatic aria and two songs in each of three different languages (3 works total; e.g. French, Italian, and English).

  • Recommendations are optional.

Please see Application Procedures for detailed instructions. If you would like to inquire further about the program, please contact us.